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What is Best for Acne Treatment?

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Our facial skin is constantly experiencing damage. It is exposed to the sun, pollution, and other environmental factors that can cause it to age prematurely. But one of the oldest enemies most of us experience that causes more facial damage is acnes, and that’s why acne therapy is the rage no matter the season.

Nobody wants acne; you hate it, I hate it, everybody hates it! A lot of us are more prone to acne than others. So many people are constantly cleaning their faces several times a day to avoid acne at all costs, but even then, it pops up!

Acne appears when you least expect it, making you self-conscious about your appearance. However, that’s not actually isn’t the worst part yet.

The scariest part about acne is that it leaves scars on the skin. These scars are often permanent and can make people feel even more self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, you can do about it, and you should try acne therapy.

Acne Therapy?

Have you ever inspected yourself in the mirror and just wished all this acne could be gone for good? We all wonder about that thought from time to time.

Acne is a skin condition that affects the face, chest, back, and shoulders: clogged pores and excess oil production cause it. While they are certainly not a symptom of any serious health condition, they are still pesky. So a lot of people just live with it.

However, that reality doesn’t always have to be true. There is a way to treat it.

Even home remedies for acne scars and other skincare products don’t seem to work or take too long. Likewise, many are disappointed with their side effects even if they do work.

You might need to resort to a more radical option. While there are preventative measures against acne, it’s not effective when the acne is already there.

Acne Therapy Is The Solution

For the acne therapy we provide in our clinic, we will provide ointments, topical creams, and prescription medications. However, these are not the highlight of our acne therapy. Instead, we will take advantage of one of the newest and high-tech treatments to fight off acne.

We will be utilizing Venus Versa™ IPL with SmartPulse™. It’s a complex-sounding name, but it is essentially light therapy against acne.

By utilizing the effects of blue and red light, we can effectively kill the bacteria that keep causing your acne. This acne therapy is backed by extensive research, and many people have tried the treatment, showing positive results.

What Does Research Say About Utilizing Light?

It seems far-fetched that mear light beams can fix your acne problems. While this isn’t necessarily a laser treatment, it nevertheless works as intended. So what do the studies say about it?

Monica Elman and Joseph Lebzelter conducted a study to see if light treatments are just placebo or if they actually work. Their clinical trials show that 85% of the patients effectively reduce at least 50% of the lesions after undergoing four biweekly treatments.

On top of that, in around 20% of cases, acne eradication has reached 90%. After three months since the last treatment, clearance is roughly 70% to 80%. The nonrespondent rate for the study was around 15% to 20%.

They conclude that light treatment against acne is not just a placebo effect. It is a safe, proven, and effective method to help combat acne, and its results are similar to prescriptions without the downsides of side effects.

How Does It Work? 

How does the process work now that we’ve established that a simple light can effectively combat acne? How is it possible that light can reduce your acne?

You can expect two visible lights for the treatment: blue and red light. Each has its unique properties for combating acne. So we will discuss what these two lights are and how each of them works.

Blue Light Acne Therapy

Blue light acne therapy is the most common light therapy used against sudden acne breakouts.

Although blue light is just light, a specific blue light wavelength has antimicrobial properties. So we can effectively kill several types of acne-causing bacteria that thrive in your pores and oil glands, which leads to breakouts.

Another property of blue light is that it has anti-inflammatory properties, decreasing redness. It gets rid of free radicals accumulated on your skin, which are the free radicals that cause you to age your face.

Red Light Acne Therapy

Red light acne therapy is different from blue light therapy; it doesn’t have those iconic antimicrobial properties. While it may lack that feature, it doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.

What red light lacks is replaced with another feature: its healing properties. A specific red light wavelength can help heal the skin faster and decrease the chances of scarring. Likewise, it has anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Red light acne therapy can penetrate deep into the skin layers, which can effectively help soothe and repair tissue. If your acne is a chronic skin condition, red light acne therapy is your go-to choice.

Benefits Of Light Therapy

Many cosmetic treatments out there can also effectively combat your acne problems. So why should you try light acne therapy?

We use light acne therapy precisely because it’s the safest and most effective method. We literally won’t touch your skin since it’s just light. To sum up, why we use it, here are some of its benefits compared to other anti-acne cosmetic treatments.

  • There are no incisions or injections at all, reducing the chances of complications to zero.
  • Practical, no matter the area, since it’s just light waves shining on you.
  • The treatment will never cause scarring.
  • There’s no need to resort to medications that may cause unwanted side effects.

What To Expect During The Therapy?

Before you partake in the treatment, you will have to consult with your provider first to see which light acne therapy best suits your needs.

Once that’s settled, your provider will provide you instructions on what to do or not what to do. As for the therapy, each session will last 15 to 30 minutes. However, you might need more than one therapy session spaced between one week, depending on your needs.

During the therapy, you only have to lie down and keep your head still to absorb all that light. That’s about it.


Acne therapy is your go-to solution to effectively combat your acne outbreaks on short notice. If you are interested, make sure to reach out to BIREM M.D. Beauty & Wellness. We offer services that help fight aging without resorting to surgical methods.