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Acne Treatment: Medical or Cosmetic

There are several treatments for acne available. Birem M.D. Beauty & Wellness offers one called acne therapy. Is this acne treatment medical or cosmetic – that is the focus of this post.

We will list the reasons why acne treatment is medical and list the reasons why it is cosmetic. Then, we will finally answer what it ultimately is. Let’s begin!

Is the Birem M.D. Acne Treatment Medical or Cosmetic?

To determine whether acne treatment is cosmetic or medical dermatology, we must first define those two categories. The simplest definition is that cosmetic dermatology focuses on making the patient’s skin look more attractive by eliminating perceived faults such as signs of aging or unappealing blemishes. On the other hand, medical dermatology focuses entirely on the skin’s health.

Based on these definitions, we can explain why acne treatment is either a cosmetic or medical treatment.

Medical: Acne Treatment Helps Prevent Skin Infection

Acne can incur skin infections when they pop or get squeezed. Infections occur when germs, bacteria, or viruses attack the body and grow within it. Infections can cause fever and other health problems.

Since infections can cause health problems, treating its cause is a medical procedure. In this case, the cause of infection is acne.

You can treat mild skin infections due to acne using warm compresses or topical acne creams. Some infections require antibiotics. It is up to the presiding medical provider to customize the acne treatment plan according to your needs.

Cosmetic: Acne Treatment Clears Skin of Unsightly pus-filled Pimples

The primary reason why most people even seek professional help in dealing with acne is that the condition renders their skin unattractive. In the pursuit of looking more beautiful, patients seek cosmetic procedures. So, in this respect, acne treatment is a cosmetic treatment.

Acne is a leading cause of insecurity for a lot of people. Seeking dermatological help to eradicate or prevent acne outbursts is often motivated by the desire to look better, not become healthier.

Medical: Acne Treatment Uses Prescription Drugs

The Birem M.D. acne treatment sometimes uses prescription medication if the need for it arises. Prescription medicines are drugs patients can only legally acquire from pharmacies if their doctor or physician prescribes or approves them. The law prohibits obtaining such medication without the express approval of a doctor to limit drug abuse.

Medical professionals prescribe such medications to treat medical conditions. Since acne treatment sometimes requires prescription medications, we can categorize it as a medical treatment.

The use of prescription medicine for acne treatment depends on the severity of the patient’s case. Before beginning the therapy, each patient should have a consultation with a medical professional to determine what steps are necessary to treat the condition.

Cosmetic: Acne Treatment Uses Topical Creams, Ointments, and Other Cosmetic Products

Aside from prescription medication, acne treatment by Birem M.D. also uses cosmetic products such as topical creams and ointments that help combat the appearance of acne. Your treatment may include Venus VersaTM Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulseTM technology.

What do all these fancy words mean?

The initial treatment for acne usually consists of topical creams and ointments. These products are almost always cosmetic and prevent the breakout of acne. They clean the skin of dead skin cells, gunk, and sometimes even excessive oil.

The Venus VersaTM Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulseTM technology is a breakthrough IPL device that uses high-frequency light to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce acne-induced inflammation.

IPL technology uses light energy and directs it at specific colors in your skin. IPL identifies harmful cells from healthy cells and kills them. Different light frequency affects various cells differently. Venus VersaTM uses these frequencies to penetrate deep within the skin and accomplish the following goals:

  • Kill the bacteria that cause inflammation
  • Attack overactive sebaceous glands that increase the risk of acne breakouts
  • The heat generated by the machine shrinks inflamed sebaceous glands
  • The heat also triggers healing and promotes collagen synthesis for scar-free and smooth skin

IPL technology is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments for acne. It is also one of the safest; it only attacks acne-related cells while leaving healthy skin unharmed.

The convenient treatment decreases inflammation while expediting healing. It is safe, efficient, and quick.

Medical and Cosmetic: Acne Treatment is Best Done with Medical Professionals Focusing on Cosmetics

The best way to beat uncontrollable acne breakouts is with the help of medical professionals who dedicated their expertise to helping you look great. Dr. Dalila Birem is a Board-Certified Physician who has been in the medical field for nineteen years. She is certified by both the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

In other words, Dr. Dalila Birem has the training to treat medical and cosmetic problems. She uses a medical approach to confront cosmetic issues.

Answering the Questions: Is Acne Treatment Medical or Cosmetic?

As displayed in the reasons explained above, acne treatment is simultaneously a medical and cosmetic treatment. Acne treatment is both medical and cosmetic, sometimes depending on your focus. If you are focusing on looking good, it is cosmetic; if you are focusing on being healthier, it is medical.

The contents of the treatment may also determine whether it is medical or cosmetic. Prescription drugs give acne treatment a medical mien, while topical creams, ointments, and Venus VersaTM IPL technology lend a more cosmetic approach to acne treatment.

We conclude that the acne treatment by Birem M.D. is a combination of medical and cosmetic approaches.

Where to Get the Best Acne Treatment for Medical and Cosmetic Reasons?

Birem M.D. Beauty & Wellness takes special care to help our patients look and feel their best. Acne treatment is just one of the many services we offer. To get the best cosmetic treatment with a medical approach, contact Birem M.D. Beauty & Wellness today.

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