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Photorejuvenation: How It Works, Is It Effective, and More Questions Answered

Photorejuvenation is a powerful treatment against several unaesthetic skin problems such as lack of elasticity, spider veins, brown or age spots, sun damage, and wrinkles. The therapy uses different gradations of light to achieve its aesthetic effects; photo means light, and rejuvenation is a synonym for restoration. But how can light have an impact on how the skin looks?
This post will explain how photorejuvenation works and achieves its effects. We will go through its process and cover the benefits. We will also look at the possible adverse effects of exposure to the different lights of the treatment.

How Photorejuvenation Works

Photorejuvenation uses IPL or intense pulsed light to deliver the various gradations of light to the depths of the skin. Light rays are proven to affect how the tissues of the skin behave. The photorejuvenation treatment by Birem, MD Beauty & Wellness, uses high-energy pulses of light to revitalize and restore the skin.
Photorejuvenation Breaks Pigments
The therapy uses a handpiece to deliver the intense pulsed light into the skin. The dark spots in the skin filled with red or brown pigments absorb the light and convert it into heat. The heat, in turn, breaks up the pigments.

Photorejuvenation Targets Hair Follicles

IPL targets dark spots on the skin. If you want to remove unwanted hair in a particular area, photorejuvenation can do it. The light hits the dark roots of hair follicles, heating them and rendering them incapable of producing new hair.

Photorejuvenation Treats Oversized Veins

The heat of IPL can also target large blood vessels. When heated, these vessels will collapse on themselves and scar. The scar will block the passage of the blood, eventually killing the vein. The body will absorb the dead veins and create new, less prominent ones in time.

Photorejuvenation Encourages Collagen and Elastin Growth

The heat from the light also affects the other tissues in the skin. It encourages collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are proteins vital for skin health and appearance.
Collagen is known for giving the skin its smooth, firm, and structured shape, while elastin provides elasticity. Together, these two proteins combat several signs of aging and give the skin a more youthful appearance.

The Use of IPL

The photorejuvenation treatment uses IPL at different wavelengths to break down various cells. Various types of cells are vulnerable to varying wavelengths of light; the staff at Birem, MD Beauty & Wellness configures the photorejuvenation device according to the skin problems the client wants to be treated.
Aside from breaking down cells, photorejuvenation also promotes fibroblast activity, modulates melanocyte activity, encourages inflammatory responses, increases blood flow, and may even amplify stem cell activity in the treated region. All those activities bolster skin health; they help restore the skin and improve its defenses against damage.

Is Photorejuvenation Effective?

Photorejuvenation and IPL technology are widely accepted as effective in the aesthetic dermatology community. The robust technology, broad versatility, and low risk of significant adverse effects make it a preferred treatment both by skilled operators and patients alike.
The Effects of Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation treats the following skin problems:

● Brown or age spots
● Sun damage
● Wrinkles
● Rosacea or skin redness
● Uneven skin tone
● Broken capillaries
● Sagging skin
● Spider veins
● Birthmarks
● Freckles caused by the sun
● Unwanted hair removal
● Acne breakouts and scarring

Photorejuvenation can reduce hyperpigmentation to create a more even skin complexion; it decreases skin redness. It helps reduce acne and heal the damage it does. It also increases the blood circulation around the treated area to prevent inflammation from worsening.

How is the Procedure Performed?

After a consultation with our staff, you can begin with the treatment. The operator will apply a numbing cream and cover your eyes with special glasses to prevent the intense pulsed light from reaching the eyes. Then, the operator will gently press the handheld device on your skin as the device emits the IPL.
The entire treatment lasts for just half an hour to a full hour, so you can easily squeeze it into your schedule.

What to Expect After a Photorejuvenation Therapy

You may return to your usual activities right after the treatment; you may even return to work the day after the session. However, your skin may appear pinkish within the first two days of the session, but it will dissipate naturally. A warm feeling around the treated area is also normal.
As your skin heals, you may notice brown spots becoming more prominent; but these will slough off within three to ten days. The improvement in how your skin looks will happen gradually over time.
The improvements on the face will appear within seven to ten days after the session. The improvements in other treated areas will take six to eight weeks to appear. Results may not be immediate. However, your skin will gradually improve after the treatment.

How Many Treatments are Needed to Achieve Optimum Results?

Depending on what they want to achieve, most clients need three to six sessions to achieve optimum results. Each session is spaced around three weeks apart to give the skin time to recuperate. Though you may see slight improvements within weeks of each treatment, the full effects of photorejuvenation will manifest after months.

Are There Side Effects Associated with Photorejuvenation?

IPL usage for skin rejuvenation is widely accepted as safe and effective. However, it sometimes poses minor risks. Sporadic reports of discoloration, blisters, scars, or burns were made in the past.
These mild side effects are often the result of incompetent operators. It is best to work with well-trained professionals if you want photorejuvenation done in a safe and effective manner. In your consultation with professionals, you will become aware of what to do and not do before and after each treatment session.

How to Reduce Risk of Side Effects

Examples of necessary preparations before the treatment include restricting extreme sun exposure for one to two months before the treatment and avoiding Accutane for a year before having photorejuvenation. Furthermore, a medication that may increase photosensitivity (sensitivity to light) is a contraindication for IPL treatments.

The Best Photorejuvenation Treatment in McLean, Virginia

Working with educated, trained, certified, and experienced professionals are vital for photorejuvenation. At Birem, MD Beauty & Wellness, you will find highlytrained providers who will perform photorejuvenation safely and effectively using the latest IPL technology.
Reach out to Birem, MD Beauty & Wellness, to schedule a photorejuvenation appointment. You can contact us by phone at 703-712-7870 or on our Contact Us page. You can find us at 1355 Beverly Road, Suite 325, McLean, VA 22101.